Training goals can be difficult to meet both with the challenge of finding suitable training, and finding the time to fit it into already busy schedules.  Add that to finding meaningful training that sticks and the challenge becomes even greater.

Peebles Pursuits, Inc / The Journaling Jenius™ has a solution for you. We offer a unique, highly effective approach with customized, affordable, on-site training with built-in follow-up coaching!

The benefits of training your team include increased team effectiveness, cohesiveness, and a strengthened support network within your company.

Our customized workshops focus on building strength and techniques in the following areas:–

  • Confident Communication – Everyone can be a better communicator.  Learn communication techniques, active listening and negotiation skills.
  • Powerful Presentations – Find out how to engage an audience and have fun presenting.  Overcome fears; increase confidence and get tips & tricks to becoming a better presenter.
  • Galvanize Your Goals – Setting a goal is the first step, achieving the goal is the finish line.  Learn how planning, support & accountability; knowing the purpose behind your goal and removing limiting beliefs & obstacles can get you there faster.
  • Six Thinking Hats® Plus One – Edward de Bono’s concept with a twist take communication and teamwork to a new level.  Create a common language, build rapport; and become a master at conflict management.
  • Women’s Leadership – Leading takes focus. Women stepping into leadership roles face specific issues in the corporate environment.  Learn how to maintain life balance; use support systems successfully; and take action to get results.

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