Coaching with Judy has been very helpful. The greatest positive effect has been on my career. I feel that the fact that I have made recent career advancements is a direct result of the goals and objectives that were identified in coaching sessions and action items that came from those sessions. 
I have a tendency to over analyze things to death on my own.  I have enjoyed the benefit of having someone with a more objective perspective to bounce ideas off of.  As the saying goes… you can’t see the forest from within the trees.
Also, when I consistently journal I am more focused and clear on achieving my goals.
Lina Williams

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When I began attending Judy’s workshops on journaling, I thought “who cares about my daily activities – my thoughts – my feelings?  Who would ever read it? And I’m trying to move on, so why write it down?”  But when I decided to remodel the kitchen, I found a picture of a kitchen I liked – cut it out, pasted it  in a journal I had purchased. Then I began writing stuff about the kitchen. Six months later I am busy most days cutting out favorite articles and pasting them into my journal where I can find them later, drawing pictures, printing out photos and including them.  All this makes it easy to find these ideas that were attractive to me — and who knows?  Maybe my kids will some day want to know about me. They open up my journal decorated with colored drawings, inspirational articles, and and can discover my own thoughts and feelings about how life is good  or difficult or impossible or wonderful.
 Meanwhile, I have created my own inspirational book.  Thank you Judy for making me aware of this great tool.

Every Day is a New Beginning!

Joan Banks Stutes
My new financial services web site

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Before I started working with Judy as my coach, I was at a crossroads in my professional career.  I had spent years as a manager in the corporate industry and wanted to establish myself as an independent consultant and leadership coach.  I was spinning my wheels attempting to define my niche and communicating it in a way that was simple and effective.   I knew a coach would push me to develop my potential.  I also knew it had to be an executive coach that would not let me get in my own way nor be overly impressed with my previous accomplishments.  Then I met Judy and the first thing she coached me on was refining my niche, and helping developing the language to communicate to my target market.

Being coached by Judy keeps me focused on my goals.  She helps me clarify my thoughts and direction, holds me accountable, and is my biggest fan.  She encourages and challenges me to not only think out of the box but also expand the box of my thinking.

As a coach myself, I greatly admire her knowledge and the wealth of resources she brings to the table. 

Regards, Stephanie Y. Oden
LiveWire Consulting Group

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Chi-AuraMy name is Timothy Dunphy and I am the founder of Chi-Aura Integration. I have hired Judy Peebles on two occasions to give presentations at my workshops in San Jose, California. I personally teach in the USA as well as in Europe.

Ms. Peebles delivers a dynamic presentation filled with useful information, open hearted connection to her audience, a sincere desire to assist them with the process of their life, and compassionate humor in answering questions and providing useful tools for personal transformation.

I highly recommend her as a speaker. If you have any questions, please contact me at 831-722-7010 or by email at Timothy@cruzio.com.

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Denise Griffitts, Virtual Assistance Industry ExpertI am a strong believer in, and ardent proponent of journaling. Judy is the best person to articulate just why you should journal for both personal and business purposes.

One of the most famous journals in the world is that written by Anne Frank. Imagine how history would look if this diary didn’t exist! As she put it, “When I write, I can shake off all my cares.” 

Judy teaches you how to capture the events and people that matter to you, and by re-reading your journal regularly you can understand and remember things that are very important in your life. Thank you Judy!

Denise Griffitts – Virtual Assistance Industry Expert
Your Virtual Assistant
Your Office On The Web

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Lori Cheung - The Pet Photographer | The Portrait PhotographerJudy is phenomenal!  She is a brilliant coach and I love her holistic approach.  Judy is a master of various coaching methodologies. 

Judy inspires me to pursue my goal to be the World’s Best Pet Photographer.  My career is soaring to new heights because Judy translates business concepts into easy tasks which expands my business.  Together, we generate creative ideas to expand my vision and contribution to the world. 

A key to my happiness has been to celebrate my successes with Judy — we recently celebrated my work in O, Oprah’s Magazine.  What I focus on expands — now I feel even more joy and passion.

I am deeply grateful for Judy being in my life.  She is extraordinary and her approach is FUN!

Lori A. Cheung

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Testimonial from “Enjoy July” Workshop

“I’m so pragmatic & down to earth, I didn’t think I’d learn very much, but boy was I wrong.  I learned the value of journaling and playing and focusing on me for a change.” ~ MG

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  1. My mother was an avid journalist during most of my early adult life and was always giving me empty journals to write in. When I went through a difficult time in my life I started to fill up those pretty books with thoughts and frustrations. When I won a raffle prize to attend one of Judy’s courses it was great to get back to journaling and now I’m getting better and better at seeing my hopes and dreams coming together with the power of the pen. Thanks Judy for getting me back to seeing the written word as a powerful tool for working towards my big dream of retirement in the near future. Your 13 week tele-class was a great way to deal with some tough issues in my Wine business and get myself out of my own way.

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