13-week Tele-Courses

Free Preview Call!

Although at this time we are only offering 2 of the 5 tele-courses mentioned please download this Free Preview Call recorded in May 2011 that gives you more information on how Journaling & Coaching can help you reach your goals.

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On the call we talk about

  • – Why Journal?
  • – Common Mistakes People Make About Journaling
  • – Preview Some of the Topics for the 5  Courses
  • – Help You Decide Which One Would be Best for You And more information about Journaling Jems™ and the 13-week Tele-courses. Currently we are offering 2 Interactive Group Coaching Tele-courses – Master Your Money Matters and Pursue a Life of Passion & Purpose

Beginning – Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Meeting –  Every week for 13 weeks
(Orientation call on October 18th • No Class on December 27th)

Until – Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Here is what is great about the tele-course.

You can participate live or you can participate by watching the recordings of the weekly sessions.

You can download the recordings and they can become a permanent part of your training library.

To help you get started right away, you will receive a link to download the e-workbook of the Journaling Jems™ of your choice.

“Judy is an insightful, smart and warm coach. She uses journaling as a vehicle for her coaching, what a wonderful tool. Her advice is always spot on too. She encourages you to dig deeper and that helps you find answers.” ~ Monica

“Judy’s classes are a delight to attend and a wealth of information! Not only does she keep them moving along, she adds a touch of humor and fun to keep your attention.
The Passion & Purpose telecom class gave me a channel to safely explore the things that were important in my life and the support to let go of those that no longer served my best purpose. I was able to see where that passion really stemmed from and having to account for those weekly goals definitely helped keep me on track!
If you haven’t had the ‘journaling jenius’ experience, I heartedly recommend doing so!” ~ Patricia

“Money Matters Webinar uncovered some family values helped create a financially chaotic life, and made me realize I no longer had to live with that uncertainty.
With 90 days as my definition of long term planning and the firm belief that “money falls out of the sky” to cover expenses, I continually had financial crisis which were resolved, but the process was nerve racking.
I made the decision that I didn’t need to live in a state of monetary uncertainty any more – got Quicken up and running and have a firm handle on the amounts of my monthly expense and income, plus I devised a plan to close the gap. The 13 weeks created kind of drip system into sanity.” ~ Joan



The Original Journaling Jems

The Original Journaling Jems™ – a great way to jumpstart your journaling journey. Whether you’ve been journaling or writing in a diary all your life or you’ve never put pen to paper to express yourself, this course will help you get started, re-vitalize your journaling practice, or take a current practice to the next level. Not offered at this time – Stay tuned for updates

Journaling Jems™ for the Business Professional

Journaling Jems™ for the Business Professional – Whether you are just starting your business or want to revitalize your current business, this course will help you look at all the various aspects of your business and spark your creativity. In business, movement and momentum are critical.  You don’t have to know all the steps, you don’t even have to  know the perfect first step, but you do need to take a small step in the direction you want to go.  This course will help you get started and keep moving forward.

Not offered at this time – Stay tuned for updates

Create Your Corporate Compass with Journaling Jems

Create Your Corporate Compass with Journaling Jems – if you are on the corporate ladder Corporate life can often be challenging:-

  • Cultivating a balanced life while still
  • Maintaining the edge you need to get ahead
  • Arranging the support in both your personal and corporate life and
  • Doing today what you can do and what’s important.

This course will help you focus on the challenges you face daily in your corporate life.

Not offered at this time – Contact us for a “By Invitation Only” program

Pursue a Life of Passion & Purpose with Journaling Jems

Pursue a Life of Passion & Purpose with Journaling Jems– Finding your Passion and living your life “on Purpose” isn’t about waiting for that huge bolt of lightening.  It’s about learning more about yourself.  This course Jems will help you do just that.  You will have an opportunity to explore your past, look at things from your current point of view, ponder the future and let your imagination flow.

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Master Your Money Matters with Journaling Jems

Master Your Money Matters with Journaling Jems™ –  If you are not 100% happy with your current financial situation or relationship with money, this course is for you.  When will you decide to take action to improve and enhance your current financial situation? The answer has to be – Now!  If not now, when?  This course will take you on a journey, starting by looking back into your childhood and what you learned about moMore colorsney through the behaviors of the people around you.  You will identify your beliefs about money based on these old money scripts and create new and empowering money beliefs.  You will also be guided through some practical exercises to assess and evaluate your current situation and plan for the future you dream of.

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I have an irresistible offer for you!
You can register today for the entire 13-week tele-course of your choice for just $197!

Yes, you did read that correctly. For $197 I am including the 13-week tele-course of your choice AND the Journaling Jems™ e-workbook!

What you can expect in the tele-course is 13 one-hour sessions that are not like a typical tele-seminar, but are interactive group coaching sessions.

All YOU have to do is choose!

During these 13-week tele-course you will receive expert guidance and coaching.

These are not just typical tele-seminars where you are in listen only mode. These calls are interactive. Your participation will be encouraged. Our plan is to leverage the shared wisdom of the group.

The tele-courses are being held on Tuesdays beginning on October 18, 2011 and ending on January 24, 2012.
(Orientation class on October 18th – No class on December 27th)

Remember if you can’t make the live call, you can watch the recordings.


Need more info???

Click on the images below to download a sample of the e-workbooks and take a look at the Jems™!

FREE Original Journaling Jems™ Sample E-Workbook

FREE Journaling Jems™ for the Business Professional Sample E-Workbook

FREE Passion & Purpose Journaling Jems™ Sample E-Workbook

FREE Money Matters Journaling Jems™ Sample E-Workbook

FREE Corporate Compass Journaling Jems™ Sample E-Workbook

If you have questions or want to register by phone call me at

408-859-PINK (7465).

If you get into voice mail, please leave your questions and I will call you back as soon as possible.

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  1. Donata Makuta says:

    i’m trying to register via PayPal but don’t see a place to type in the discount code “preview”. Can i still take advantage of your special discount of $50 for the first 5 registrants? Thanks Donata

    • Judy Peebles says:

      Hi Donata
      Thanks for getting in touch. You can still register. Click on the name of the tele-course you have selected next to the time slot that works for you. This will take you to an Eventbrite page. You can input the discount code there.
      Judy, The Journaling Jenius


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