Where’s The Journaling Jenius?

Judy is a fantastic presenter and educator. I attended her ‘Six Thinking Hats® Plus One‘ workshop and had a great time while gaining new insight about how to market my business more effectively. She made the material easy to understand, kept it lively, and even plied our creativity with chocolate! The workshop was highly interactive, with each participant getting the chance to analyze their own marketing efforts. I have taken similar classes in the past, but usually had to apply the concepts to my business on my own at some later point. Judy gave each student the opportunity to discuss and give/receive feedback right there in real time. Not just for individuals, this would be a fantastic class for groups of any kind to improve both understanding and communication. Combining humor, music, and a lively pink presence, Judy got me to think about how my messages are perceived by others in new ways. Now I can tailor my marketing so that I can broaden my client base and grow my business. Thanks, Judy! I’m looking forward to attending other workshops of yours in the future.” Tracy C Scott

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  • Confident Communication
  • Create Your Vision Board
  • Galvanize Your Goals
  • Handle the Holidays
  • September School Days
  • Six Thinking Hats® Plus One
  • Money Matters
  • Passion and Purpose
  • Passion and Purpose 2.0

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